Mediacorp Artiste, Rebecca Lim, is planning her retirement early. Check out what she has to say about planning a future while still having the means to enjoy the present.

What does retirement mean to you?

The old way was to think about retirement as an end. But actually, it should be a journey - A journey of Retiring. It's where you get more out of life as you work towards your retirement.

Why are you planning early?

A research by NTUC Income shows that retirees wished they had started saving earlier for their retirement. A lot of them are dependent on their children upon retirement or had to take a step back from their current lifestyle. This is something I would like to avoid, with early financial planning.

For me, I believe in starting early and saving small, which allows me to balance other commitments. I would then step up my savings at a later stage in life where I have more financial freedom to ensure that I achieve my retirement goal of being financially independent.

How has financial planning helped you?

Financial planning has helped me be assured of my future.

Speaking to my financial planner, I realised that it doesn't need to take much to start planning. You can take baby steps and start comfortably with an amount like S$300 a month, which is only half the amount of what young Singaporeans are willing to set aside as indicated in the research by NTUC Income.

I encourage everyone to plan early and consult a financial planner to get started!